The First Inclusive Deodorant

Degree InclusiveUser Research, Service Design,
Product Design
2020 - 2021


Changing personal hygiene for good

In this project, we conducted research and created prototypes while working closely with people in the disability community. We listened to their experiences and needs, collecting valuable information that guided our design choices. Ultimately it was their insights and expertise that shaped the design of these products to make them more accessible and user-friendly for everyone. My role was the lead researcher and strategist on this project.

People with disabilities represent the worlds largest minority group, but many products and experiences are not made with their needs in mind. Often, everyday products require the use of hands and arms, like opening a bottle or pushing a door. We may not think much about these tasks if we're able-bodied, but for those with visual impairments or physical limitations, these tasks can be extremely challenging.


Innovation Grand Prix, Cannes Lions for Degree InclusiveFast Company’s 2021 Innovation by Design Awards for Degree InclusiveLondon International Awards for Degree Inclusive

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